Community Health Center (Marmont, Haiti)

This project, under the name "A New Dawn AYITI," is a collaboration of volunteer entities led by GW Interior Design to design a sustainable, modular and replicable model for a healthcare facility in rural Haiti.  The clinic in Marmont was adopted by The George Washington University Medical Center (GWUMC), through an established partnership with Project Medishare 2004, and will be operated by Project Medishare, a recognized medical authority on Haiti.

The original project, "Seeds of Hope," was started by a group of GW graduate students under the direction of Professor Volchansky Nieves in 2009.  It began as a proposal for a cost-efficient, sustainable model for healthcare delivery in rural Haiti.  The project received a Healthcare Environments Award sponsored by Contract Magazine, in association with The Center for Health Design and Healthcare Design '09 for innovation in healthcare interiors.

In the summer of 2010, Prof. Volchansky Nieves designed a course to work with students on further research and analysis of design, cultural background, and financial models that may be incorporated into the actual design and construction of the project.  In addition, she organized a brainstorming session with a group of students and professionals from the building industry.  During this phase, healthcare professionals, engineers, and a general contractor with experience in similar projects were consulted.  This formed a core group of volunteers, able to share knowledge based on their past experiences.