Top 10 Reasons to Study IA at GW

BFA [Use Common App; NO portfolio Required]; MFA [Portfolio required; GRE exam NOT required]

10. Location: Washington, D.C. was recently awarded the title of "America's Coolest City" by Forbes Magazine, thanks to its fantastic arts and culture scene, leisure activities, diversity, food and young population. D.C. is also the "fittest" city in the nation according to the American College of Sports Medicine, due largely to its many bike lanes, the Capital Bikeshare program and the beautiful National Parks that residents enjoy.

9. Creative careers: With more than 75,000 jobs generating $5 billion annually in income across the design, media, and other creative/artistic fields, D.C.’s creative sector is a major asset to the city’s economy.

8. International stage: Our professors are internationally-recognized design experts who bring their unique experiences and projects into the classroom. One faculty member recently presented her graduate institutional course’s winning design for a women’s clinic in Haiti to the First Lady of Haiti during a visit to GW.  The project has continued to evolve with partnerships in the medical and architectural community.

7. Inspiration: Nearby examples of cool hotels (W Hotel), excellent restaurants (Proof), fashion forward retail (Barneys Co-op), and modern furniture stores (Design within Reach) provide inspiration for our students.

6. Proximity: We are within minutes of significant architecture and interiors, top-notch museums and galleries, prestigious lecturers and events, the Washington Design Center, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the American Society of Interior Designer (ASID) headquarters.

5. Master of Fine Arts: Graduate students receive a MFA instead of an MA.  An MFA is a “terminal” degree (the highest degree in the field), which allows teaching at the college level. Thus, our graduates have the option to become a future educator.

4. Networking: We bring in professionals from the top architecture and interior design firms in D.C. for critiques, lectures, events and our advisory board. Activities like these help our students make connections and find jobs.

3. Collaboration: GW has many diverse disciplines, creating the opportunity for cross-collaboration. Our students have worked on studio projects to design new spaces at across the university, including the School of Media and Public Affairs, the Philosophy Department, and the laboratories in the Biology Department.

2. Recognition: GW is the 4th highest-ranked national university that offers IA. 

1. Quality of education: We are the only program in Washington, D.C. accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). Programs accredited by CIDA adhere to a strict set of educational guidelines that are considered necessary to succeed in the profession.